Customizing the surround sound [VPT (Surround)]

You can customize the surround sound by using the VPT (*1) (Surround) function to enrich the sound reproduction quality of the audio playback.
(*1) VPT, which stands for Virtualphones Technology, is a proprietary sound processing technology developed by Sony.
  1. From the Home menu, select [Settings] [Music Settings] [VPT (Surround)] desired VPT (Surround) type.

Type - icon
[None] - No icon
[VPT (Surround)] setting is not activated.
[Studio] -
Creates the sound of a recording studio.
[Live] -
Creates the sound of a concert hall.
[Club] -
Creates the sound of a club.
[Arena] -
Creates the sound of an arena.
[Matrix] -
Reproduces an additional surround effect, and creates a natural, yet richly enhanced sound.