Listening with DSEE (Sound Enhance) [DSEE (Sound Enhance)]

By activating the [DSEE (Sound Enhance)] (*1) feature, you can hear a rich and natural sound almost exactly like the original source.
(*1) DSEE, which stands for Digital Sound Enhancement Engine, is a technology developed by Sony, to enhance the sound quality of compressed audio files by restoring high-range sound removed by the compression process.
  1. From the Home menu, select [Settings] [Music Settings] [DSEE (Sound Enhance)] desired setting type.

  • The [DSEE (Sound Enhance)] function is not effective for songs of a file format that is not compressed, or songs that are of a high bit rate with no treble loss.

  • In the case of songs of very low bit rate, the [DSEE (Sound Enhance)] function will not be effective.