Setting the time for blanking the screen [Screen Off Timer]

When there is no operation for a while, your “WALKMAN” turns off the screen. You can set the waiting time for turning off the screen.
  1. From the Home menu, select [Settings] [Common Settings] [Screen Off Timer] desired setting type.

  • Not to turn off the screen: [Off]

  • To blank the screen: [15 Sec], [30 Sec], [1 Min], [3 Min], [5 Min], [30 Min]

  • Your “WALKMAN” does not turn off the screen during the following situations.

  • Playing back a video or a video podcast.

  • Searching for a receivable FM radio station and using [Auto Preset] function of the FM radio.

  • Transferring data via the USB connection.

  • Deleting a video, podcast episode, etc.

  • Connected to a computer. (The screen will dim instead of being turned off. After fully charged, the screen will be turned off after a while regardless of [Screen Off Timer] setting.)

  • Building or recovering the database.

  • Analyzing songs for [SensMe™ Channels]. (The screen will dim instead of being turned off.)

  • Playing back a song with [Display Lyrics] set to [On (Screen Always On)].

  • Charging the battery. (The screen will dim.)

  • Processing Bluetooth connection.