Formatting memory [Format]

You can format the built-in flash memory of your “WALKMAN.”
  • If the memory is formatted, all data (songs, videos, photos, etc., including sample data installed at the factory, bundled software installer, and the User Guide) will be erased. Be sure to verify the data stored in memory prior to formatting, and export any important data to the hard disk of your computer.

  • Be sure not to initialize (format) the built-in flash memory of your “WALKMAN” using Windows Explorer. If you have formatted with Windows Explorer, format again using your “WALKMAN.”

  1. From the Home menu, select [Settings] [Common Settings] [Reset/Format] [Format].

  1. Select [Yes].

[All data will be deleted. Proceed?] appears.
  1. Select [Yes].

When initialization finishes, [Memory formatted.] appears.