FM Radio

FM broadcasts are unclear.
  • The received station is not fully tuned in.

  • Tune the station in manually using the / button [Details].

Reception is weak and sound quality is poor.
  • The radio signal is weak.

  • Listen to the FM broadcast near a window since the signal may be weak inside buildings or in vehicles.

  • The headphone cord is not fully extended.

  • The headphone cord functions as an antenna. Extend the headphone cord as far as possible.

  • Setting the receiver to monaural may reduce noise.

  • Set the [Mono/Auto] option to [Mono] [Details].

FM broadcasts are affected by interference.
  • A device emitting radio signals, such as a mobile phone, is being used near your “WALKMAN.”

  • When using devices such as mobile phones, keep them away from your “WALKMAN.”

FM broadcasts cannot be heard.
  • The headphones are not connected.

  • The headphone cord functions as an antenna. When a peripheral device (not supplied) is connected to the WM-PORT jack and the headphones cannot be connected, FM broadcast reception is unavailable.

  • FM radio is not available during Bluetooth connection.

  • End the Bluetooth connection and use wired headphones.