The remaining recording time remains the same even though files are deleted.
  • Due to system restrictions, the remaining recording time may not increase if only short files are deleted.

Cannot record.
  • There is not enough free space in the built-in flash memory.

  • Export recorded files to a computer. Necessary free space may vary, depending on the bit rate or recording time.

  • The maximum number of files that can be recorded is reached. For information on the maximum number of recordable files and folders, see [Details].

  • Export the recorded files to a computer.

  • Your “WALKMAN” is connected to a computer.

  • Disconnect your “WALKMAN” from the computer.

  • The serial number of the file name has reached 999.

  • Voice recording is not available during Bluetooth connection.

  • End the Bluetooth connection.

The combined total elapsed and remaining recording time does not equal the maximum recording time.
  • Due to system restrictions, remaining recording time may decrease by a few seconds when starting recording.

Recorded files cannot be deleted.
  • A file or the folder that cannot be deleted is set to [Read-only] on a computer.

  • Delete the data using Windows Explorer.

  • The battery power is low or exhausted.

A folder is not deleted even though all recorded files have been deleted.
  • Files other than recorded files are included in the folder.

  • Open the folder using Windows Explorer, and delete all files other than those recorded by your “WALKMAN.”