Follow the instructions below if a message appears in the display.
[Cannot play; file format is not supported.]
  • You are trying to play a file that cannot be played on your “WALKMAN.”

  • You cannot play a song in an unsupported format file [Details].

[Cannot play; license has expired.]
  • The playback limitation period of the song has expired.

  • Update the license information of songs using the software used for transferring.

[Delete failed.]
  • You attempted to delete a video but your “WALKMAN” failed to delete it.

  • Delete the video by using Media Go or Windows Explorer.

[Do not disconnect.]
  • Your “WALKMAN” is connected to a computer or other external devices to transfer data.

  • This is not an error message. Do not disconnect the USB cable until transferring completes.

[Firmware update failed.]
  • Updating the firmware failed to complete.

  • Follow the instructions displayed on your computer to retry updating the firmware.

[LOW BATTERY. Please Charge.]
  • The battery of your “WALKMAN” is running low.

[Not enough free space in memory. Delete files to ensure free space.]
  • The available capacity of your “WALKMAN” is insufficient.

  • Connect your “WALKMAN” to your computer using the supplied USB cable, and then delete any unnecessary data from your “WALKMAN” using another software used for transferring, or Windows Explorer.

[Unable to set photo as wallpaper.]
  • The selected photo cannot be designated as the wallpaper.

  • Make sure the photo is not a damaged file, or the size is not too large.