Notes on use

The following descriptions are important for using your “WALKMAN.” Be sure to follow the instructions below.
  • Do not touch the rechargeable battery with bare hands if it is leaking. Since battery liquid may remain in your “WALKMAN,” consult your nearest Sony dealer if the battery has leaked. If the liquid gets into your eyes, do not rub your eyes as it may lead to blindness. Wash out your eyes with clean water, and consult a doctor.
    Also, if the liquid gets on to your body or clothes, wash it off immediately. If you do not, it may cause burns or injury. If you get burned or injured by the liquid from the battery, consult a doctor.

  • If your “WALKMAN” causes interference to radio or television reception, turn your “WALKMAN” off and move it away from the radio or television.

  • In particularly dry air conditions, mild tingling may be felt on your ears. This is a result of static electricity accumulated in the body, and not a malfunction of your “WALKMAN.”
    The effect can be minimized by wearing clothes made from natural materials.

  • When using a strap (not supplied), be careful to avoid catching it on objects you pass by. Furthermore be careful not to swing your “WALKMAN” by the strap to avoid bumping people.

  • Refrain from using your “WALKMAN” as requested by in-flight announcements during takeoff or landing in an aircraft.

  • If you see lightning or hear thunder, take off the headphones immediately and refrain from using your “WALKMAN.”

  • If you experience an allergic reaction to the supplied headphones, stop using them at once and contact a doctor.

Notes on usage environment

  • Never use your “WALKMAN” where it will be subjected to extremes of light, temperature, moisture or vibration. For example, never leave your “WALKMAN” in a car parked in the sun or under direct sunlight. It may become discolored, distorted or damaged.

  • Do not leave your “WALKMAN” in a place subject to excessive dust.

  • Do not leave your “WALKMAN” on an unstable surface or in an inclined position.

Notes on handling your “WALKMAN”

  • When you unplug the headphones from your “WALKMAN,” make sure to hold the headphone plug to unplug it. Pulling by the headphone cord itself may damage it.

  • Do not apply strong force to the surface of the LCD. This may cause a distortion in colors or brightness, or cause a malfunction of the LCD.

  • When using your “WALKMAN,” remember to follow the precautions below in order to avoid warping the cabinet or causing your “WALKMAN” to malfunction.

  • Make sure not to sit down with your “WALKMAN” in your back pocket.

  • Make sure not to put your “WALKMAN” into a bag with the headphones/earphones cord wrapped around it and then subject the bag to strong impact.

Notes on protecting your “WALKMAN” from getting wet

  • Do not expose your “WALKMAN” to water. Your “WALKMAN” is not waterproof. Remember to follow the precautions below.

  • Be careful not to drop your “WALKMAN” into a sink or other container filled with water.

  • Do not use your “WALKMAN” in humid locations or bad weather, such as in the rain or snow.

  • Do not get your “WALKMAN” wet.
    If you touch your “WALKMAN” with wet hands, or put your “WALKMAN” in a damp article of clothing, your “WALKMAN” may get wet, which may cause a malfunction.