On-Screen Keyboard

The on-screen keyboard is used when you need to type. If the keyboard does not automatically appear, tap the input area on the screen.

On-screen keyboard layout

  1. Input area

  1. Keyboard history

  1. Current word input box

  1. Shift key/[ALT]

  1. [?123]/[ABC]

  1. Space

  1. (Search icon)/ (Line feed icon)/[Go]

  1. Backspace

Do this
Input text
Tap the input area.
Delete a character
Tap .
Finish typing
Tap [Go]/[Done].
Insert line feed
Tap the key. The key is enabled only when multi-line input is available.
Switch the keyboard type
Tap [?123] to display the symbol keyboard. Tap [ALT] to switch to additional characters. Tap [ABC] to return to the alphabetical keys.
Capitalize a single letter
Tap . Tap and hold to activate caps lock. To cancel, tap again.
Enter a space
Tap the space key.
Enter a previously registered word
A list of words you registered to the keyboard history* displayed next to the current word input box. Tap the desired word to enter it.
Tap and hold the current word input box to register the word in it to the keyboard history. (The word must consist of at least 3 letters.)
Move the cursor in the input area
Tap the location to which you want to move the cursor.
Type extended characters
Tap and hold a key and choose one from the keys.

* To clear the keyboard history, press the (Home) button tap [Settings] [Initialization] [Clear Keyboard History].
  • The available types of keyboards and input methods differ depending on the application.