Buying Books and Periodicals

Getting books and periodicals at Reader Store*

* Available in certain countries/regions only.
Download new releases and bestsellers at Reader Store. Purchased content will be downloaded to the Reader directory.
  1. Configure Wi-Fi settings of the Reader to access Reader Store. See Details.

  1. Press the (Home) button tap [Reader Store].

  • Magazines or newspapers that you are subscribed to are not automatically downloaded to the Reader.

Creating a Reader Store account

In order to purchase and download books or periodicals, you need to create an account at Reader Store.
Tap the input area and enter your information using the on-screen keyboard. The Reader will then be associated with your account at Reader Store.

Buying books and periodicals

The Reader supports purchases and downloads from Reader Store. For your convenience, you can access Reader Store via the [Reader Store] application to begin building your own set of content.
  1. Sign in to your account.

If you do not have an account, create one by following Reader Store instructions.
If you already have a Reader Store account, sign in via your e-mail address and password.
If you already have an Adobe account and use a different e-mail address or password for Reader Store and your Adobe account, the screen for entering your Adobe ID (e-mail address) and password is displayed.
  1. Select or search for the title you wish to purchase.

Follow Reader Store instructions to complete your purchase. The Reader will begin downloading the title shortly after you complete the checkout process.
You can check content that you have purchased from Reader Store via [Purchased Content]. See Details.

Navigating Reader Store

To return to the previous page of Reader Store, press the (Back) button. (The < > (Page turn) buttons and the zoom in function are disabled.)
Pressing the (Menu) button allows you to display the options items for navigation.

Navigation method
[Store Home]
Go to the top page of Reader Store.
[My Account]
View your purchase history and re-download purchased content.
[Refresh / Stop]
Updates the content displayed on the Reader Store page, or stops loading the page.
Advances to a previously viewed page.
[Continue Reading]
Closes the [Reader Store] application and returns to the last read page of your last read book.
Displays more option items.
[Help and Support]
Jumps to the FAQ page of Reader Store.
[Legal Information]
Displays legal information about Reader Store.

Checking downloaded content

When downloading content from Reader Store, you can check the download progress in the status bar and by tapping it to display the notification window. See Details.
When you exit Reader Store, your three most recent purchases are displayed under [Recently Added] on the first page of the [Home] screen. You can check all purchased content in the [Books] or [Collections] applications.
When you are subscribing to newspapers and magazines, all content is stored in the [Periodicals] application.
You can directly access content that you have purchased by going to [My Account] at Reader Store by using the [Purchased Content] application. See Details.

Accessing Reader Store from your computer

In addition to shopping at Reader Store from your computer, you can transfer books from your computer to the Reader using the Reader software. Install either Reader™ for PC or Reader™ for Mac® by launching the corresponding installer on the Reader. See Details.