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Replacing the headphone earbuds

To enjoy better sound quality, change the earbuds to another size or adjust the earbud position to fit your ears comfortably and snugly.
The M size earbuds are attached to the headphones before shipment. If you feel the M size earbuds do not suit your ears, replace them with the S or L size earbuds (supplied). Confirm the size of the earbuds by checking the color inside.
When you change the earbuds, turn them to install firmly on the headphones and prevent the earbud from detaching and remaining in your ear.
In addition to the supplied earbuds, SS size earbuds that are smaller than S size ones are also available (not supplied).

Earbud sizes (inside color)

To detach an earbud

While holding the headphone, twist and pull the earbud off.
  • If the earbud slips and cannot be detached, wrap it in a soft, dry cloth.

To attach an earbud

Twist and push the colored part of the earbud into the headphone until the projecting part of the headphone is fully covered.
If the earbuds should become damaged, please purchase replacement earbuds (EP-EX10). Four types of earbuds are sold separately by size.
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