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Analyzing songs on your “WALKMAN”

Songs that were not analyzed by software on a computer using 12 TONE ANALYSIS can be analyzed on your “WALKMAN.”
  1. From the Home screen, tap [ Apps] - [ Music player] - [ SensMe™ channels].

  • If the music playback screen is displayed, tap the screen then , , or displayed at the top left of the screen. Then tap [ SensMe™ channels].

  1. Press the (Menu) button, then tap [ Music analyzer].

Your “WALKMAN” will start analyzing. When analysis is complete, display will be returned to the SensMe™ channels screen.

To stop analyzing

Tap [Stop] while analyzing. Songs analyzed up to the point where you stopped analyzing will be playable by SensMe™ channels.
  • Your “WALKMAN” analyzes all not-yet analyzed songs at once. You cannot analyze songs individually.

  • The results of the analysis may vary between your “WALKMAN,” Media Go, and other devices that can perform analysis.

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