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How to use the photo screen

The following explains the photo screen.

Photo display screen

  1. Photo file name

  1. Throw [Details]

  1. Start/stop slide show playback [Details]

Operations on the photo display screen

Tap to start slide show playback. Tap the screen to stop playback.
Tap to display the next photo.
Tap to display the previous photo.
Tap to send the photo to another device (Throw) and play it back there. [Details]
Tap to return to the top screen of Photo viewer.
  • Display turns off if no operations are made for a certain amount of time. To display again, tap the screen.

List screen

  1. Slide show

  1. ´╗┐Add tags [Details]

  1. Switch view

  1. Folder name

  1. Photo thumbnail

  1. Zoom in/out thumbnail

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