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How to use the FM radio screen

You can select the desired frequency or preset number on the FM radio screen for receivable stations.
  1. Headphone/speaker switching

  1. Frequency

  1. Preset number

  1. FM playback/pause

Operations on the FM radio screen

Select the previous/next frequency:
Drag or flick the frequency up or down.
Select the previous/next receivable station (*1):
Tap /.
Select the previous/next preset number (*2):
Tap /.
Play/pause FM radio:
Tap [ Play FM]/[ Stop FM].
(*1) If sensitivity is too high, change the scan sensitivity setting [Details] to [Low].
(*2) You cannot select a preset number if no station is set. Automatically set receivable stations using [Auto preset] [Details], or set the stations manually. [Details]
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