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Listening to FM radio

You can listen to FM radio on your “WALKMAN.”
  1. Connect the supplied headphones to the headphone jack on your “WALKMAN.”

  1. From the Home screen, tap [ Apps] - [ FM radio].

  1. Drag or flick up and down to select a frequency, or use [ / ] to select a preset number.

  • You cannot select a preset number if no station is set. Automatically set receivable stations using the auto preset function [Details], or set the stations manually. [Details]

  • The headphone cord serves as an antenna, so extend it as far as possible.

  • You can continue to receive FM radio even if you go back to the Home screen or display another screen while listening to FM radio. To stop FM radio, tap [ Stop FM] on the FM radio screen.

  • You cannot listen to FM radio while connected by the Bluetooth function, WM-PORT, or HDMI.

  • You cannot listen to FM radio when the headphones are not connected.

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