How to use this User Guide

This User Guide explains how to use each function of the camera, how to change settings, and how to troubleshoot a problem.
The images used as examples in this User Guide are reproduced images, and are not actual images shot using this camera.

Selecting a topic to display

The following illustrations take Internet Explorer 7 as an example.
  1. Click a title in the side bar on the left of the browser window.

The title’s topic list appears in the right pane.
  1. Click a topic title in the list.

Descriptions appear in the right pane.

Changing the font size

Change the font size by changing the setting of your web browser. For how to change the font size setting, refer to the Help of your web browser.

Searching a topic by keyword

Enter the keyword in the search window, then click the [Search] button.

Returning to a previous page

Use the browser’s back button to return to a previously viewed page, or use the breadcrumb trail navigation (A) to display the desired page.

Printing out a page

Click the [Print] button to print out a page you are viewing.

Marks and notations used in this User Guide

In this User Guide, the sequence of operations is shown by arrows ( ) (A).
Operate the camera in the order indicated.
  • Icons in the operating procedure sentences appear when the camera is in its default settings.

  • The default setting is indicated by .

  • indicates information that is useful to know.