Scene Selection

Allows you to shoot with preset settings according to the scene.
  1. Set the mode switch to (Still Image).

  1. MENU (REC Mode) (Scene Selection) on the control button desired mode

  • If you want to select the other Scene Selection mode, select from MENU.

(High Sensitivity)
Allows you to shoot images without a flash under low light conditions, reducing blur.
(Soft Snap)
Allows you to shoot images with a softer atmosphere for portraits and flowers, etc.
Allows easy shooting of distant scenes by focusing in the distance. Shoots vivid blue sky and flora colors.
(Twilight Portrait)
Allows you to shoot sharp images of people with the night view in the background without compromising the atmosphere.
Allows you to shoot night scenes at far distance without losing the dark atmosphere of the surroundings.
Shifts to Macro mode, allowing you to shoot food arrangements in delicious and bright color.
Allows you to shoot images of your pet with the best settings.
Allows you to record the blue of the water clearly when shooting seaside or lakeside scenes.
Allows you to record clear images preventing sunken colors in snowy scenes or other places where the whole screen appears white.

  • When you shoot images using (Twilight Portrait) or (Twilight) mode, the shutter speed is slower and the images tend to blur. To prevent blurring, the use of a tripod is recommended.

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