Allows you to shoot with reduced camera shake or subject blur.
  1. Set the mode switch to (Still Image).

  1. MENU (REC Mode) (SteadyShot) on the control button

  1. Shoot with the shutter button.

Tips for preventing blur
If the camera moves accidentally when you shoot an image, “camera shake” occurs.
On the other hand, if the subject moves when you shoot an image, “subject blur” can occur.
Camera shake and subject blur occur frequently under low-light or slow shutter speed conditions, such as those encountered in (Twilight Portrait) or (Twilight) mode. In such a case, shoot with the below tips in mind.

Camera shake
Your hands or body moves while holding the camera and pressing the shutter button, and the entire screen is blurred.
  • Use a tripod or place the camera on a flat surface to hold the camera steady.

  • Shoot with a 2-second delay self-timer and stabilize the camera by holding your arms firmly at your side after pressing the shutter button.

Subject blur
Even though the camera is steady, the subject moves during the exposure and is captured blurred when the shutter button is pressed.
  • Select (High Sensitivity) mode in Scene Selection.

  • Select a higher ISO sensitivity to make the shutter speed faster.

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