Sweep Panorama

Allows you to create a panorama image from composite images.
  1. Set the mode switch to (Sweep Panorama).

  1. Align the camera with the end of the subject to be shot and press the shutter button fully.

  1. Pan the camera to the end of the guide (A), following the indication on the screen.

Tips for shooting a panorama image
Pan the camera in an arc at a constant velocity in the direction indicated on the screen. Subjects at rest are more suited for panorama shots than moving subjects.
Radius as short as possible.
Vertical direction
Horizontal direction
  • First, press the shutter button halfway so that you can lock the focus, exposure and white balance. Then, press the shutter button fully down and pan or tilt the camera.

  • If a section with greatly varied shapes or scenery is concentrated along a screen edge, the image composition may fail. In such case, adjust the frame composition so that the section is in the center of the image, then shoot again.

Tips for shooting a 360° panoramic image
This camera is equipped with a panorama shooting function, capable of shooting a near-full 360 degree panoramic image.
Press MENU set [Image Size] to [360°] and shoot a panoramic image.
You can scroll panoramic images for display with this camera.
  • Press MENU [Shooting Direction] select [Right] or [Left]. [Up] and [Down] cannot be selected for [Shooting Direction] when shooting 360° panoramic images.

  • The image actually recorded may not cover 360 degrees, depending on the subject or the way it is shot.

  • If you cannot pan the camera across the entire subject within the given time, a gray area occurs in the composite image. If this happens, move the camera faster to record a full panorama image.

  • Since several images are stitched together, the stitched part will not be recorded smoothly.

  • Under low light conditions, panorama images may be blurred or the shooting may not be successful.

  • Under lights that flicker, such as fluorescent lights, the brightness or color of the combined image will not always be the same.

  • When the whole angle of panoramic shooting and the AE/AF locked angle are very different in brightness, color and focus, the shooting will not be successful. If this happens, change AE/AF locked angle and shoot again.

  • Sweep Panorama is not suitable for the following situations:

  • Moving subjects

  • Subjects are too close to the camera

  • Images with little contrast, such as sky, sandy beach or lawn

  • Images with constant changes, such as waves or waterfalls

  • You cannot create panorama images in the following situations:

  • You pan the camera too quickly or too slowly.

  • There is too much camera shake.

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