1. Press (Flash) on the control button.

  1. Select the desired mode with the control button.

Flash automatically operates in dark locations or when there is backlight.

Flash always operates.

(Slow Synchro)
Flash always operates.
The shutter speed is slow in a dark place to clearly shoot the background that is out of flash light.

Flash does not operate.

When the “White circular spots” appears in flash photos
This is caused by particles (dust, pollen, etc.) floating close to the lens. When they are accentuated by the camera’s flash, they appear as white circular spots.
How can the “White circular spots” be reduced?
  • Light the room and shoot the subject without a flash.

  • Select (High Sensitivity) mode in Scene Selection. ([Off] is automatically selected.)

  • The flash strobes twice. The first flash adjusts the light quantity.

  • While charging the flash, is displayed.

  • You cannot use the flash during burst shooting.

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