1. Press (Self-Timer) on the control button.

  1. Select the desired mode with the control button.

Does not use the self-timer.

Sets the self-timer to a 10-second delay.
When you press the shutter button, the self-timer lamp flashes and a beep sounds until the shutter operates.
To cancel, press again.

Sets the self-timer to a 2-second delay.

(Self-portrait One Person)
Sets the self-timer to Self-portrait timer.
When the camera detects the specified number of faces, a beep sounds, and the shutter operates 2 seconds later.

(Self-portrait Two People)

Tips for preventing blur
If your hands or body moves while holding the camera and pressing the shutter button, “Camera shake” occurs.
Camera shake occurs frequently under low-light or slow shutter speed conditions, such as those encountered in (Twilight Portrait) or (Twilight) mode.
To reduce camera shake, shoot with a 2-second delay self-timer and stabilize the camera by holding your arms firmly at your side after pressing the shutter button.

Automatic shooting with Self-portrait timer

Point the lens at yourself so that the selected number of faces is reflected in the screen. The shutter operates automatically. Do not move your camera after the beep sounds.
  • You can also shoot an image by pressing the shutter button during this operation.

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