Face Detection

When the Face Detection function is used, the camera detects the faces of your subjects and adjusts the focus, flash, exposure, white balance and red-eye reduction settings automatically.
When the camera detects more than one subject, the camera will judge which is the main subject and set focus by priority. The Face Detection frame for the main subject will turn orange. The frame for which the focus is set will turn green by pressing the shutter button halfway down.
  1. MENU (Face Detection) desired mode

Cannot use Face Detection.
Selects the face the camera is to automatically focus on.

  • [Off] is not available when [Self-Timer] is set to [Self-portrait One Person] or [Self-portrait Two People].

  • You can select [Face Detection] only when the focus mode is set to [Multi AF] and the metering mode is set to [Multi].

  • The Face Detection function does not work when using the digital zoom.

  • Up to 8 faces of your subjects can be detected.

  • During Smile Shutter shooting, [Face Detection] is automatically set to [Auto] even if it is set to [Off].

Selecting the priority face

Normally the camera automatically selects the face to focus on according to the [Face Detection] setting, but you can also select a face to be given priority.
  1. Press on the control button during Face Detection. The leftmost face is selected as the priority face, and the frame changes to an orange frame ().

  1. Each time you press , the priority face moves one face to the right. Press repeatedly until the orange frame () is on the face you want to select.

  1. To cancel the face selection (Off), move the orange frame to the rightmost face, then press again.

  • It may not be possible to detect the selected face correctly depending on the surrounding brightness, the subject’s hairstyle, etc. In this case, select the face again under the conditions where the image will be shot.

  • When the Smile Shutter function is used with the Face Detection frame selected, Smile Detection is performed only on the selected face.

  • In Easy Mode or when [Self-Timer] is set to [Self-portrait One Person] or [Self-portrait Two People], you cannot select a priority face.

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