Viewing an image on a Standard Definition (SD) TV

You can view images recorded on the camera in standard picture quality by connecting the camera to a Standard Definition (SD) TV.
Refer also to the operating instructions supplied with the TV.
  1. Turn off both the camera and the TV.

  1. Connect the A/V OUT jack of the camera (A) and the audio/video input jacks on the TV (B) using the dedicated A/V cable VMC-15CSR1 (C) (sold separately).

  1. Turn on the TV and set the input.

  1. Press (Playback) button to turn on the camera.

Images shot with the camera appear on the TV. Select the desired image with the control button.
  • When using the camera abroad, it may be necessary to switch [Video Out]. [Details]

  • During output to TV, [Easy Mode] is invalid.