“PlayMemories Home” (Windows)

Below are examples of the functions available when you use “PlayMemories Home.”
  • “PlayMemories Home” allows you to import images shot with the camera to a computer for display. Make a USB connection between the camera and your computer, and click [Import].

  • You can display images stored on a computer by shooting date in a calendar display.

  • You can save and print images with the date.

  • You can correct (Red Eye Correction, etc.) still images, and change the shooting date and time.

  • You can upload images to a network service. (An internet connection environment is required.) (Expanded Feature)

  • For other details, see (PlayMemories Home Help Guide).

Expanded Feature
With “PlayMemories Home (Lite Version)”, the basic functions are available, such as importing the images to a computer and displaying them by shooting date in a calendar display, etc. To take advantage of the various “PlayMemories Home” functions, connect to the Internet and install the “Expanded Feature”.
  • Mac does not support “PlayMemories Home”. If you play back images on a Mac, use the applications that are installed on your Mac.