Printing still images

You can print still images using the following methods.
  • Printing directly using a printer which supports your memory card type.
    For details, see the operating instructions supplied with the printer.

  • Printing using a computer
    You can import images to a computer using the supplied “PlayMemories Home” software and print the images.
    For details, see the “PlayMemories Home Help Guide”.

  • Printing at a shop
    You can take a memory card to a photo printing service shop. As long as the shop supports photo printing services conforming to DPOF, you can make a (Print order) mark on images in advance in the playback mode so that you do not have to reselect them when you print them out at the shop. Before you take image data to a shop, always copy (back up) your data.

  • When you print still images shot in [16:9] mode, both edges may be cut off.

  • You cannot print panorama images depending on the printer.