Battery pack and power

Cannot insert the battery pack into the camera.
  • Make sure the direction of the battery pack is correct, and insert it until the battery eject lever is locked.

Cannot turn on the camera.
  • After inserting the battery pack into the camera, it may take a few moments for the camera to power up.

  • Make sure that the battery pack is inserted correctly.

  • The battery pack is discharged. Insert a charged battery pack.

  • The battery pack terminals are dirty. Gently wipe away any dirt with a soft cloth.

  • Use a recommended battery pack.

The power turns off suddenly.
  • Depending on the camera and battery temperature, the power may turn off automatically to protect the camera. In this case, a message is displayed on the screen before the power turns off.

  • If you do not operate the camera for a certain period of time while the power is on and [Power Save] is set to [Standard] or [Stamina], the camera turns off automatically to prevent wearing down the battery pack. Turn on the camera again.

The remaining charge indicator is incorrect.
  • This is caused when you use the camera in an extremely hot or cold location.

  • A discrepancy arose between the remaining charge indicator and the actual remaining battery charge. Fully discharge the battery pack once, then charge it to correct the indication. The remaining charge indicator may not be correct under certain circumstances.

  • Battery capacity decreases over time and through repeated use. If decreased usage time between charges becomes significant, it is probably time to replace it with a new one.

Cannot charge the battery pack while it is inserted in the camera.
  • You cannot charge the battery pack using the AC Adaptor (sold separately). Use the battery charger to charge the battery.

The CHARGE lamp flashes while charging the battery.
  • Check that the battery pack type is NP-BN or NP-BN1.

  • The CHARGE lamp flashes infrequently when you use a battery pack that has not been used for a long time.

  • The CHARGE lamp (on the supplied battery charger) has two flash patterns, fast flash (approx. 0.15-second intervals) and slow flash (approx. 1.5-second intervals). If the lamp flashes quickly, remove the battery pack being charged, and then insert the same battery pack into the battery charger again (until it clicks). If the lamp flashes quickly again, this may indicate a battery pack problem.
    If the lamp flashes slowly, the charger is in standby mode and charging has temporarily stopped. Charging stops temporarily and standby mode results when the temperature is outside the range suitable for charging. Charging resumes and the CHARGE lamp lights when the temperature returns to the range suitable for charging.
    It is recommended to charge the battery pack within the proper charging temperature range between 10°C to 30°C (50°F to 86°F).