Shooting still images/movies

Cannot record images.
  • Images are recorded on the internal memory even when a memory card is inserted into the camera. Make sure that the memory card is fully inserted into the camera.

  • Check the free capacity of the internal memory or memory card. If it is full, do one of the following:

  • Change the memory card.

  • You cannot record images while charging the flash.

  • When recording movies, it is recommended that you use the following memory cards:

  • “Memory Stick PRO Duo” media, “Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo” media

  • SD card (Class 2 or faster)

  • Set the mode switch to (Still Image) when shooting still images.

  • Set the mode switch to (Movie Mode) when shooting movies.

Smile Shutter function does not work.
  • No image is shot if a smiling face is not detected. [Details]

The image is out of focus.
  • The subject is too close. When shooting, make sure to position the lens farther away from the subject than the shortest shooting distance (approximately 4 cm (1 5/8 inches) (W)/60 cm (23 5/8 inches) (T) from the lens).

  • (Twilight) or (Landscape) mode is selected in the Scene Selection when shooting still images.

Zoom does not work.
  • You cannot use the optical zoom in Sweep Panorama mode.

  • You cannot change the zoom scale when shooting movies.

  • You cannot use the Smart zoom depending on the image size. [Details]

  • You cannot use the digital zoom when:

  • Shooting movies.

  • The Smile Shutter is working.

  • [Self-Timer] is set to [Self-portrait One Person] or [Self-portrait Two People].

Cannot select the Face Detection function.
  • You can select Face Detection only when the focus mode is set to [Multi AF] and the metering mode is set to [Multi].

The flash does not work.
  • You cannot use the flash when:

  • (High Sensitivity) or (Twilight) mode is selected in Scene Selection.

  • Shooting in Sweep Panorama mode.

  • Shooting in Movie Mode.

  • Set the flash to [On] when the Scene Selection mode is set to (Landscape), (Gourmet), (Pet), (Beach) or (Snow) mode. [Details]

Fuzzy white circular spots appear in images shot using the flash.
  • Particles (dust, pollen, etc.) in the air reflected the flash light and appeared in the image. This is not a malfunction. [Details]

The close-up shoot function (Macro) does not work.
  • The camera automatically adjusts the focus. Press and hold the shutter button halfway down. Focus adjustment may take some time when shooting a close subject.

  • (Landscape) or (Twilight) mode is selected in the Scene Selection.

The date and time are not displayed on the screen.
  • While shooting, the date and time are not displayed. They are displayed only during playback.

Cannot insert dates on images.
  • This camera does not have a feature for superimposing dates on images. By using “PlayMemories Home”, you can print or save images with the date. [Details]

The F value and shutter speed flash when you press and hold the shutter button halfway down.
  • The exposure is incorrect. Correct the exposure. [Details]

The image colors are not correct.
White or purple streaks appear in bright areas of the subject, or the whole screen of the image becomes reddish.
  • This phenomenon is called smearing. This is not a malfunction. Smearing is not recorded on still images, but is recorded as streaks or uneven colors on Sweep Panorama images or movies.
    (“Bright areas” refers to the sun or electric lights which are much brighter than surroundings.)

Noise appears in the image when you view the screen in a dark place.
  • The camera is attempting to increase the visibility of the screen by temporarily brightening the image under conditions of low illumination. There is no effect on the recorded image.

The eyes of the subject come out red.
  • Set [Red Eye Reduction] to [Auto] or [On]. [Details]

  • Shoot the subject at a distance closer than the flash range using the flash.

  • Light the room and shoot the subject.

  • Retouch the image using [Retouch] [Red Eye Correction] in viewing menu [Details], or correct using “PlayMemories Home”.[Details]

Dots appear and remain on the screen.
  • This is not a malfunction. These dots are not recorded.

Cannot shoot images in succession.
  • The internal memory or memory card is full. Delete unnecessary images. [Details] [Details]

  • The battery level is low. Insert a charged battery pack.

The same image is shot several times.
  • Set [Burst Settings] to [Single]. [Details]

  • [Scene Recognition] is set to [Advanced]. [Details]