Cannot print an image.
  • Refer to the operation manual of the printer.

Images are printed with both edges cut off.
  • Depending on your printer, all the edges of the image may be cut off. Especially when you print an image shot with the image size set to [16:9], the lateral end of the image may be cut off.

  • When printing images using your printer, cancel the trimming or borderless settings. Consult the printer manufacturer as to whether the printer provides these functions or not.

  • When having images printed at a digital print shop, ask the shop whether they can print the images without cutting off both edges.

Cannot print images with the date.
  • Using “PlayMemories Home”, you can print images with date. [Details]

  • The camera does not have a feature for superimposing dates on images. However, because the images shot with the camera include information on the recording date, you can print images with the date superimposed if the printer or the software can recognize Exif information. For compatibility with Exif information, consult the manufacturer of the printer or the software.

  • If you use a photo printing service, ask them to superimpose the dates on images.