If the following messages appear, follow the instructions.
  • The battery level is low. Charge the battery pack immediately. Depending on the conditions of use or the type of battery, the indicator may flash even though there are still 5 minutes to 10 minutes of remaining battery time left.

For use with compatible battery only
  • The battery inserted is not an NP-BN or NP-BN1 type battery pack.

System error
  • Turn the power off and then on again.

Camera overheating
Allow it to cool
  • The camera temperature has risen. The power may turn off automatically, or you may be unable to record movies. Leave the camera in a cool location until the temperature goes down.

Internal memory error
  • Turn the power off and then on again.

Reinsert the memory card
  • The inserted memory card cannot be used in the camera.[Details]

  • The terminal section of the memory card is dirty.

  • The memory card is damaged.

Memory card type error
  • The inserted memory card cannot be used in the camera. [Details]

Error formatting internal memory
Error formatting memory card
Memory card locked
  • You are using the memory card with the write-protect switch, and the switch is set to the LOCK position. Set the switch to the recording position.

Read only memory card
  • The camera cannot record or delete images on this memory card.

No images
  • No images that can be played back have been recorded in the internal memory.

  • No images that can be played back have been recorded in this folder of the memory card.

Folder error
  • A folder with the same first three digit number already exists on the memory card (for example: 123MSDCF and 123ABCDE). Select another folder, or create a new folder. [Details] [Details]

Cannot create more folders
  • The folder with a name beginning with “999” exists on the memory card. You cannot create any folders if this is the case.

Cannot display file
  • An error occurred while the image was playing back.
    No guarantees are made for playing back, on this camera, files containing images which were processed on a computer or images which were shot using other cameras.

Read only folder
  • You have selected a folder that cannot be set as a recording folder on the camera. Select another folder. [Details]

File protected
Image size over limit
  • You are playing back an image with size that cannot be played back on the camera.

Unable to detect face for retouch
  • You may not be able to retouch the image depending on the image.

(Vibration warning indicator)
  • Camera shake may occur due to insufficient light. Use the flash, or mount the camera on a tripod to secure the camera.

Turn the power off and on again
  • The lens malfunction.

VGA is not supported with this memory card
  • For recording movies, it is recommended that you use a memory card of 1 GB or larger.

Maximum number of images already selected
  • Up to 100 files can be selected when using [Multiple Images].

  • You can add (Print order) marks to up to 999 files.

Operation cannot be executed in unsupported files
  • Processing and other editing functions of the camera cannot be performed on image files that have been processed using a computer or images that were recorded with other cameras.

No internal memory space remaining
Delete all images?
  • The internal memory is full. To record to the internal memory, select [Yes] and delete unwanted images.