Delete button

Allows you to select unwanted images for deletion.
You can also delete images from the MENU button. [Details]
  1. Press the (Playback) button to switch to playback mode.

  1. / (Delete) button desired mode on the control wheel

  1. Press [OK]

All Images on This Date
All in This Folder
All AVCHD view files
Deletes all still images and movies in the selected date range or folder, or all AVCHD movies.
Multiple Images
Allows you to select and delete multiple images.
After step 2, select an image to be deleted, then press .
To cancel the selection, press again to cancel the mark.
This Image
Deletes the currently displayed image.
All Imgs in This Cnt.Sht. Grp.
Deletes all images in the selected burst group at once.
All but This Image
Deletes all images in a burst group except the selected image in Display Burst Group mode.
Cancels the deletion.

You can switch between index and single-image mode when selecting images
Turn the W/T (zoom) lever to the T side () in index mode to return to single-image mode, and turn the lever to the W side () in single-image mode to return to index mode.
  • You can also switch between index and single-image mode in [Protect], [Send by TransferJet] or [Print (DPOF)].

  • In Easy Mode, you can select from [1 image] or [All].

  • When the internal memory is used to record images, View Mode is set to Folder View.

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