View Mode

Allows you to select the display format for images.
  1. Press the (Playback) button to switch to playback mode.

  1. MENU (View Mode) desired mode on the control wheel

(Date View)
Displays images by date.

(Folder view (Still))
Displays still images.

(Folder view (MP4))
Displays MP4-format movies.

(AVCHD view)
Displays AVCHD-format movies.

  • When the internal memory is used to record images, View Mode is set to Folder View.

Displaying the Calendar

  1. MENU (View Mode) [Date View] on the control wheel

  1. Turn the W/T (zoom) lever to W side () repeatedly until the Calendar is displayed.

Use the control wheel to select /, then select the month you want to display. Select the date and press to view images of the selected date in index mode.

Viewing images taken with a different camera

This camera creates an Image Database File on the memory card for recording and playing images. If the camera detects images not registered in the Image Database File on the memory card, a registration screen with the message “Files found which were not recognized Import files” will be displayed.
To view unregistered images, register them by selecting [OK].
  • Use a sufficiently charged battery to register images. If a battery with a low charge is used to register images, it may not be possible to transfer all of the data or the data may be corrupted if the battery charge runs out.