White Balance

Adjusts color tones according to the surrounding light conditions. Use this function if image color appears unnatural.
  1. MENU (White Balance) desired mode

Adjusts the white balance automatically so that the colors appear natural.

Adjusts for outdoors conditions on a fine day, evening views, night scenes, neon signs, fireworks, etc.

Adjusts for a cloudy sky or a shady location.

(Fluorescent White Balance 1)
(Fluorescent White Balance 2)
(Fluorescent White Balance 3)
[Fluorescent White Balance 1]: Adjusts for white fluorescent lighting.
[Fluorescent White Balance 2]: Adjusts for natural white fluorescent lighting.
[Fluorescent White Balance 3]: Adjusts for day white fluorescent lighting.

Adjusts for places under incandescent lamp, or under bright lighting, such as in a photo studio.

Adjusts for the flash conditions.

(One Push)
Adjusts the white balance depending on the light source. Use this mode when [Auto] and other settings don’t provide accurate colors.

(One Push Set)
Memorizes the basic white color which will be used in [One Push] mode. [Details]

Effects of lighting conditions
The apparent color of the subject is affected by the lighting conditions.
The color tones are adjusted automatically, but you can adjust color tones manually using the White Balance function.
Daylight (White as Standard)
Cloudy (Bluish)
Fluorescent (Green-tinged)
Incandescent (Reddish)
  • When shooting with a flash in other than [Flash] mode, [White Balance] is set to [Auto].

  • When [Flash] is [On] or [Slow Synchro], the white balance can only be adjusted to [Auto], [Flash], [One Push] or [One Push Set].

  • [One Push Set] cannot be selected while charging the flash.

To capture the basic white color in [One Push Set] mode

  1. Frame a white object such as a piece of paper filling the screen under the same lighting conditions as you will shoot the subject.

  1. MENU (White Balance) [One Push Set] on the control button

The screen momentarily turns black, and when the white balance has been adjusted and stored in the memory, the recording screen is displayed again.
  • If the indicator flashes while shooting, the white balance is either not set or cannot be set. Use automatic white balance.

  • Do not shake or strike the camera while [One Push Set] is in progress.

  • When flash mode is set to [On] or [Slow Synchro], the white balance is adjusted to the condition with the flash emitting.

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