Anti Blink

When Scene Selection is set to [Soft Snap] and the subject blinks while you are shooting an image, the camera automatically shoots two images consecutively. The camera will select, display and record the image which the eyes are not blinked automatically.
  1. MENU (Anti Blink) desired mode

When Face Detection is active, the Anti Blink function operates so that images with the subject’s eyes open are recorded.

Does not use the Anti Blink function.

  • Anti Blink does not function in the following situations:

  • When using the flash

  • During burst shooting

  • When the Face Detection function does not work

  • When the Smile Shutter function is activated

  • Sometimes the Anti Blink function does not work depending on the situation.

  • When the Anti Blink function is set to [Auto] but only images with the subject’s eyes closed are recorded, the message “Blinked eye detected” is displayed on the screen. Shoot again as necessary.

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