About the “WALKMAN“ manuals

The operation of your Walkman is explained in the following manuals.

Quick Start Guide (supplied)

This covers topics such as initial settings, basic operations, how to install the supplied software, how to install and use the Help guide, etc.

Help guide

This includes descriptions of the operation of your Walkman. It can be viewed both on the Walkman and on a computer screen. [Details]
  • At time of purchase, the content of the Help guide is the same, whether viewed on your Walkman or on a computer screen.

Help for applications

Help for some of the applications, such as FM radio and Music player, is available. You can start the relevant help from within the application, or from the applications screen. Help for Music player, Video player, and Photo viewer can be viewed by tapping from the Home screen, and then [Help guide (Media Player)].
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