Selecting a method for setting up a Wi-Fi connection

There are several ways of making a Wi-Fi connection, depending on what type of Wi-Fi router you use. Follow the checklist below to find out how to set up a Wi-Fi connection with your Wi-Fi router.
  1. Internet

  1. Modem

  1. Wi-Fi router

  1. Computer

  1. Walkman

Question 1: Is your Wi-Fi router WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) compatible?

Yes. Go on to Question 2.

Question 2: Does your Wi-Fi router have a WPS button?

  • For information about your wireless LAN environment, please contact the manufacturer of your Wi-Fi device, the wireless LAN service provider that you subscribe to, or the person who set up your Wi-Fi device.

  • If the network SSID of the access point that you want to use is not shown in the network list, add the network manually. [Details]

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