Pairing (registering) with a Bluetooth device

To connect with a new Bluetooth device, you need to pair with it while the Bluetooth function of your Walkman is turned on. You only need to do this once for the Walkman and the new Bluetooth device. Just turn on the device the next time. [Details]
  • Turn on the Bluetooth function if it is off. [Details]

  1. Put the Bluetooth device you want to connect with in discoverable mode.

Refer to the operating instructions supplied with the Bluetooth device for details on procedures for putting it in discoverable mode.
  1. Tap the (Menu) button with the Home screen displayed, then tap [System settings] - [ Bluetooth].

  1. Tap the device to set pairing for from the list, and make sure the same number is displayed on the screen of your Walkman and that device.

The pairing and connection status will be displayed under the Bluetooth device name.
With some devices, a connection is established after pairing.
  • A passkey (*1) input screen is displayed with some devices. Check the passkey of the other device, and input the passkey.

(*1) “Passkey” is also called “Pass code,” “PIN code,” “PIN number,” or “Password.” For the passkey of the other device, see the manual for that device.
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