Preinstalled applications

The following apps are preinstalled on your Walkman at time of purchase. You can start individual applications by tapping on their icons. The types of the preinstalled applications vary depending on countries/regions.
A Wi-Fi connection is required to use applications marked with (*1).
Applications provided by Google, such as Browser, Google Search, and Calendar, are preinstalled. For details on the preinstalled applications, search the Internet. The application names may be changed without notice.
Music player
Play back music files transferred by Media Go or drag and drop.
Video player
Play back video files by intuitive operations.
Photo viewer
View photos and slide shows.
FM radio
Listen to FM radio on your Walkman.
Configure various settings for the W.control displayed by pressing the (Double-u Dot) button.
Original apps
Display a list of Sony applications.
Wi-Fi checker (*1)
Check the Wi-Fi connection status of your Walkman when problems occur with the Wi-Fi connection.
Walkman Classics
Listen to your music on classic Walkman skins.
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