Storing data

You can store computer data into the built-in flash memory of your Walkman by transferring the data from your computer using Windows Explorer, or other transfer-capable software. If the Walkman is connected to the computer, the built-in flash memory appears in Windows Explorer as [WALKMAN].
  • Do not use the supplied software while using Windows Explorer to interact with the built-in flash memory of your Walkman.

  • Do not disconnect the USB cable (supplied) during data transfer. Otherwise, the data being transferred or the data stored in your Walkman may be damaged.

  • Do not rename the [MUSIC], [MP_ROOT], [MPE_ROOT], [VIDEO], [DCIM], [PICTURE], [PICTURES], [PODCASTS], [RECORD], [RECEIVED] and [VOICE] folders. Also, do not rename files and folders under them. Otherwise, they will not be displayed on your Walkman.