There is no sound.

  • The volume level is set to zero.

  • Media volume level is set to zero.

  • The headphone plug is not inserted firmly into the headphone jack.

  • If the headphones are connected improperly, the sound from the headphones will be impaired. Insert the headphone plug until it clicks into place. [Details]

  • The headphone plug is dirty.

  • Clean the headphone plug with a soft dry cloth.

  • The song that you want to play back is not selected.

  • Select the song on your Walkman.

  • A Bluetooth connection is active.

  • Sound is not emitted from the headphones when a Bluetooth connection is active. Deactivate the Bluetooth connection.

  • An HDMI connection is active.

  • Deactivate the HDMI connection.

  • Accessories are connected to the WM-PORT jack.

  • Disconnect accessories from the WM-PORT jack.

  • If the problem still persists after performing the remedies above, press the RESET button to reset your Walkman. [Details]