Your Walkman cannot charge the battery.

  • The USB cable is not connected to a USB connector on your computer properly.

  • Disconnect the USB cable, and then reconnect it.

  • Use the supplied USB cable.

  • The battery is charged outside the temperature range of 5 °C to 35 °C.

  • Charge the battery in a temperature range of 5 °C to 35 °C.

  • The computer is not on.

  • Turn on the computer.

  • Your computer is in standby (sleep) or hibernation mode.

  • Exit from standby (sleep) or hibernation mode.

  • A USB hub is being used.

  • Your Walkman may not charge via a USB hub. Connect the Walkman directly to the computer’s USB port.

  • Your Walkman is connected to a computer running an operating system that is not supported.

  • Check the system requirements of your computer, and charge with a computer running an operating system that is supported. [Details]

  • You have not used your Walkman for more than a year.

  • Depending on the conditions under which your Walkman is used, the battery may be deteriorated. Consult your nearest Sony dealer.

  • If the problem still persists after performing the remedies above, press the RESET button to reset your Walkman. [Details]