Data cannot be transferred.

  • The USB cable is not connected to a USB connector on your computer properly.

  • Disconnect the USB cable, and then reconnect it.

  • USB debugging is enabled.

  • Some devices or software may not recognize your Walkman when USB debugging is enabled. Tap the (Menu) button, then tap [System settings] - [ Developer options] - [USB debugging] and uncheck the box.

  • There is not enough free memory space on your Walkman.

  • Delete any unnecessary data to increase free space.

  • See “Maximum recordable number of songs and time (Approx.) [Details]” and “Maximum recordable time of videos (Approx.) [Details].”

  • Data with errors is present on your Walkman.

  • Back up necessary data, and format your Walkman. [Details]

  • You are not using compatible software.

  • Install compatible software, and then transfer data.

  • The data is damaged.

  • Delete the data that cannot be transferred from your computer, then import it to your computer again. When importing data to your computer or transferring data to your Walkman, stop other work to avoid data damage.

  • You may be attempting to transfer a file in a format that cannot be played by your Walkman.

  • For information on files that can be transferred, see “Supported formats.” [Details] Some files may not be transferred, depending on their file specifications.

  • You have exceeded the maximum number of files that can be transferred to your Walkman.

  • Delete unnecessary songs.