Software cannot be installed on the computer.

  • Your computer is using an operating system that is not supported by your Walkman.

  • Check the system requirements of your computer. [Details]

  • Other software is running on Windows.

  • If other software is running, it may interfere with installation. Particularly, be sure to quit security software as it can put a heavy load on the computer. To prevent infection by viruses, disconnect your computer from the Internet before quitting security software.

  • There is not enough free space for the hard drive.

  • Check the amount of free hard drive space required to install the application, and delete unnecessary files.

  • Your account has no administrator privileges, or you have not logged in as the computer’s administrator.

  • To install the software, log in with an account with administrator privileges or log in as the computer’s administrator.

  • A message dialog is hidden by the install screen, making the install process seem stopped.

  • Press and hold the [Alt] key while pressing the [Tab] key several times until the message dialog appears. Then follow instructions in the message.