You cannot hear the sound even if a Bluetooth connection has been made.

  • The volume of the connected Bluetooth device is muted.

  • Unmute the connected Bluetooth device.

  • The volume is set to zero.

  • It may not be possible to adjust the volume of certain connected Bluetooth devices. Turn up the volume on the Bluetooth device or your Walkman.

  • Playback of the file has not started.

  • Start playing back the file on your Walkman.

  • The connected Bluetooth device is not turned on.

  • Turn on the connected Bluetooth device and make sure the Bluetooth function is activated.

  • Bluetooth connection was severed.

  • Establish a Bluetooth connection. [Details]

  • The profile of the connected Bluetooth audio devices does not support AVRCP.

  • Make operations on your Walkman.