Reader Features and Functions

Transferring content from your computer

To enjoy books and pictures on the Reader, use the supplied Reader software to transfer them from your computer to the Reader. See Details. You can also use the Reader software to backup and manage the content on the Reader.

Shopping for books at Reader™ Store

Visit Reader Store and find books that you are interested in from a large variety of titles and genres. The [Reader Store] application may be found on the [Home] screen. The initial setup of the country/region of the Reader will determine if Reader Store is available in your area. See Details.

Useful features

Wi-Fi network access Details

    Access Reader Store Details
    Wikipedia Details
  1. Use the Web browser for internet access Details

  1. Check out books from public libraries for reading on the Reader Details

  1. Use Evernote Details

  1. Use Facebook Details

Annotation Details

    Add bookmarks Details
    Highlight words Details
    Handwrite notes on a page Details


    Adjust font size Details
    Change the page view mode Details

Zoom in Details

Adjust content view Details


    Find notes Details
    Find pages with a keyword Details
    Search content via keyword Details

Jump to pages Details

Dictionary Details

    Look up words while reading Details
    Look up words in a dictionary Details
    List previously looked-up words Details

Read periodicals Details

Collections Details

Supplementary applications

    Handwriting Details
    Text memo Details
    Picture viewer Details
    Evernote Details
  1. Facebook Details