Charging the Reader

The charge/battery status icon at the right side of the status bar shows the battery level. See Details.
If it is low, choose one of the methods in the following sections to charge the Reader.
  1. USB connector

  1. Charge/Busy indicator

Charging via your computer

  1. Power on your computer.

  1. Connect the Reader to your computer with the supplied USB cable.

Wait until the below screen is displayed.

Install the Reader software, or transfer data
Tap [Yes] to install the Reader software, or transfer files from your computer to the Reader while charging. The Reader cannot be operated during transfer.
After the USB storage screen is displayed on the Reader, it is detected on your computer, and the “READER” and “SETUP” drives appear on your computer.
When the icon* turns into the icon, charging is complete.
When charging is complete, disconnect the USB cable from the Reader and your computer.
After a short time, the [Home] screen will appear.
* This icon is only displayed when the Reader is in data transfer mode.
Charge the Reader
Tap [No], or press the (Back) button, to return to the previous screen.
Alternatively, press the (Home) button. The [Home] screen appears. When the icon turns into the icon, charging is complete.
In this mode, the Reader is not detected by your computer*. When charging is complete, disconnect the USB cable from the Reader and your computer.
* This situation may vary, depending on the settings of your computer.

  • Your computer must be turned on to charge the Reader. The Reader will not be charged if your computer enters sleep mode or standby mode. Keep your computer turned on with a stable and continuous power supply while charging the Reader.

  • The (Power) button cannot be used when the Reader is connected to your computer and charging.

  • If you turn off the Reader by tapping [Settings] [Device Shutdown] while in charging mode, the Reader will stop charging.

  • You can also charge the Reader using the AC Adapter (PRSA-AC10/PRSA-AC1A, sold separately). This method of charging will take approximately 2 hours to fully charge the battery.

  • To change from charge mode to data transfer mode, tap the status bar to display the notification window tap [USB connected] [Yes].

Charge/Battery status icon

The charge/battery status icon shows the charging status or approximate remaining charge of the battery.

Four bars indicate a fully charged or almost-fully charged battery. The number of bars decreases with the battery’s charge. Zero bars indicate that the battery has almost no remaining charge.
The battery is fully charged.
The battery is charging.