Maximizing Battery Life

There are many ways to conserve battery power. To extend battery life:
  • If you have no plans to use the Reader, completely power off the Reader.

  • Do not leave the Reader with the battery depleted for a prolonged period of time. Battery capacity may be affected.

  • Use and store the Reader at room temperature, or within the recommended temperature range of 5°C to 35°C (41°F to 95°F).

  • Turn off Wi-Fi when no wireless communication is necessary.

  • Turn on [Wireless Standby] when you want to extend the battery life.

Power-consuming operations

The following may require more power than normal reading operations.
  • Wi-Fi communications

  • Constantly updating the [Wi-Fi Networks] list

  • Displaying graphic-intensive books, periodicals, files or Web sites

  • Displaying a slideshow with a short interval setting

  • Using a microSD card

  • Frequent insertion and removal of a microSD card

  • Having a large volume of content stored on a microSD card

  • Annotations, keyword searches and dictionary searches

  • The Wi-Fi network feature of the Reader is not in standby mode.