Turning the Power On/Off

  1. (Power) button

  1. Charge/Busy indicator

Turning on the power

  1. Press the (Power) button.

If the battery is completely depleted, power will not be supplied to the (Power) button, and you may not be able to turn on the Reader. In this case, the Charge/Busy indicator may blink red 3 times. Connect the Reader to your computer via the supplied USB cable; the Reader will automatically turn on immediately. Wait until the Reader turns on before trying to operate it.

Shutting down/turning off the power completely

  1. Press and hold the (Power) button for about 3 seconds.

  1. Tap [Yes] to turn off the Reader.

Completely turning off the Reader can preserve battery power longer than sleep mode when you are not using the Reader for a prolonged period of time.

The same operation can be done via [Settings].
  1. Press the (Home) button tap [Applications] [Settings] [Device Shutdown] [Yes].

Sleep mode

To save battery life and prevent unintentional operation of the touchscreen, set the Reader to sleep mode by pressing the (Power) button. The standby screen appears. You can personalize the standby screen. See Details.
To wake the Reader, press the (Power) button again.

Automatic power-saving modes

The Reader will enter sleep mode after 10 minutes of inactivity. After 3 days in sleep mode, the Reader will shut down/power off automatically. The automatic power-saving modes cannot be turned off.