Touchscreen Operations

The touchscreen recognizes the following gestures. You can also use the supplied stylus for more precise touchscreen operation.
Operation with the stylus makes it easier to select small items or specific areas of text.


Tap an icon, a button or a menu item and raise your finger quickly to select or perform an action.

Tap and hold

Tap and hold your finger to select a word and display a pop-up menu for further operations.

Tap, hold and drag

Touch and hold your finger to the display and drag your finger; you can select a group of text and display a pop-up menu for further operations.


Slide your finger gently and swiftly on the touchscreen to turn the page; you can turn the page forward by swiping to the left, or backward by swiping to the right. You can also navigate pages of content lists.

Swipe and hold

To turn multiple pages continuously, swipe and hold your finger on the screen. Release your finger to stop.


Pinch your fingers in or out to zoom in or out of the current page or image.
  1. To exit zoom mode, press the (Back) button.


Touch and drag your finger to reposition a zoomed-in page or image. The page or image is repositioned after you release your finger.