Adding Content

Transferring content via the Reader software (Reader for PC/Mac)

You can use the Reader software to transfer books and pictures to the Reader. You will need to install the Reader software and organize content on your computer in advance. You can also backup the contents on the Reader to the Reader software.

Transferring content via drag-and-drop

You can directly transfer content by drag-and-drop to your computer.
  1. Connect the Reader to your computer using the supplied USB cable.

Make sure the Reader is in a state that can transfer data. See Details.
  1. For Windows users, click on the “Start” menu “Computer” (“My Computer” for Windows XP users double-click the “READER” drive, and then drag and drop your data onto the “READER” drive.

For Mac users, double-click the “READER” drive, and then drag and drop your data onto the “READER” drive.
  1. When transfer is complete, use the safely remove hardware function of your computer before disconnecting the USB cable from the Reader and your computer.

Content will be sent to its corresponding application based on the file format of the content.
Personal documents other than pictures files will be sent to the [Books] application.
  • Content transferred via drag-and-drop may not be displayable on the Reader, or thumbnails of the content may not be properly displayed on the Reader. Sony recommends that you transfer data via the Reader software.

  • Do not delete any system default folders created by the Reader on the “READER” drive, the “SETUP” drive or the microSD card.

  • If you disconnect the USB cable while data is being transferred, data corruption may occur. To disconnect the Reader or the microSD card when the Reader is connected to your computer, make sure to use the safely remove hardware function of your computer, and then disconnect the USB cable.

  • Do not format the Reader or your microSD card via your computer. If you have formatted the Reader or microSD card on your computer, the Reader may not be able to display transferred content. In this case, use the Reader’s [Format Memory] function to reformat the Reader and your microSD card. See Details.

  • When you transfer data to the microSD card, insert the microSD card to the Reader in Step 1, and drag-and-drop to the microSD (removable disk) drive in Step 2 above.

  • For details on the system requirements for the Reader software, see Details.

  • For details on supported file formats, see Details.