Page Navigation

There are several ways to navigate through books.
  1. Tap to add a bookmark Details

Tap and hold to add a note
  1. Draw a handwritten note Details

  1. Tap and hold to open option items Details

  1. Swipe the screen to turn the page

  1. Tap to open the page navigation panel.

  • If you select the [Refresh Display] checkbox from [Application Preferences], the display refreshes at each page turn. See Details.

Using the page navigation panel

  1. Page indicator

  1. Tap the page indicator, or press the (Menu) button tap [Navigate Page] to open the page navigation panel.

Using the paging bar

  1. Paging bar

  1. Slider

  • Tap on a point on the paging bar to jump to a page that corresponds with that point.

  • Tap and drag the slider.

To close the page navigation panel, press the (Back) button.

Using [Table of Contents]

  1. Tap [Table of Contents].

To return to the book page, press the (Back) button.
  1. Tap to open the selected chapter or section.

Using [Enter Page #]

  1. Tap [Enter Page #] to enter the page number with the on-screen numeric keyboard, and tap [OK].

Jumping to viewed pages

  1. Tap [Previous View].

The / (Page history) icons are displayed.
  1. Tap to go backward in the page display history. Tap to go forward in the page display history.

To cancel page history, press the (Back) button.
  • This is the same operation for when you tap on a highlighted link.